Most people are surprised that Sphynx cats actually have more grooming responsibility than cats with hair. They don’t have to be brushed, obviously, but they do need weekly baths. Most Sphynx are used to being bathed so they tend to tolerate their weekly baths pretty well.


Items You Will Need

Wash Cloth (We use baby wash cloths as they are soft and not too big or thick)

Baby Shampoo (This is gentle on their skin and does not burn their eyes)

Plastic Cup (For rinsing – this is optional)

Clean Towel (Any bath towel will work just be sure it is big enough to swaddle your kitten)

Ear Cleanser (We us 21st Century Cat Essentials Clean Ear)

Q-Tips (LOTS of them)

Kitten Nail Clippers (We use Whisker City Pet Nail Scissors as they are easy to grip, are small enough to clip little claws, and seem to stay sharper longer) 

Through experience, we have found that the less stressful way to bathe a Sphynx is in the bathtub. Through trial and error and plenty of battle scars to show, once a sphynx is old enough to go home, he/she has probably outgrown the sink and feels less confined in a bathtub. 

Fill the tub with warm water, just enough to reach the belly of the kitten. Use the washcloth (no shampoo) to wipe the eyes and face of your kitten. Be sure to get into the corners and every wrinkle. Rinse, and clean the ears (not down the canal). 

Next, use the cup or washcloth to pour water down the back of your kitten. Add shampoo. You can do this using your hands or washcloth or by drizzling it on your kitten’s back. Use the washcloth or your fingers to massage the shampoo into the kitten’s back, chest, and belly. Run down the legs and tail. Use the wash cloth to get into each crevice and wrinkle, and don’t forget in between the toes. Rinse the kitten using either the cup or wash cloth. The last area that you wash is the genitals. This is the least favorite of the kitten but must be cleaned so be gentle.

Remove the kitten from the tub and immediately swaddle him/her in a towel. Only the head should be out. Place a few drops of the ear cleanser in each ear and rub the base of the ear. This loosens any built-up wax. Use the Q-tips to clean the ears. Be sure not to go too deep. A good rule of thumb is if you can’t see it, don’t clean it. Talk with your vet on the proper procedure for cleaning your kitten’s ears (it is much easier to explain in person).

Now you are ready to trim and clean your kitten’s claws. Talk with your vet on the proper procedure for trimming your kitten’s nails (again, it is much easier to explain in person). Remove one paw from the towel. Trim the nails. Just clip the very tip of the nail off. Their nails are clear – you should be able to see the pulp inside. Only cut the clear portion. Use a Q-tip dampened with water to clean the oils from the base of your kitten’s nails. Once all nails are done, return the paw to the towel and repeat with the remaining paws. 

By the time you have completed all four (4) paws, your kitten should be warm and dry and may be released from the towel. It doesn’t hurt to let your kitten know he/she did a great job by offering a treat!


Every cat and kitten is an individual so not everything in this information may be correct for your cat or kitten. This information is meant as a good faith guideline only.