It is VERY important to us at Naked Treasures that your kitten will be a cherished member of your family for the duration of its life. Sphynx cats are amazing animals who need special care and lots of interaction with their owners. PLEASE make sure you familiarize yourself with the breed BEFORE you decide to purchase one of our kittens. Please read  all of the articles on my website carefully and do research online to make sure a Sphynx is the right cat for you!

Available Kittens


Thank you for your interest in our kittens! We do not have any available kittens at this time! We continually update the site, so please keep checking back!

First Come First Serve

I maintain a VIP reservation list for potential clients interested in reserving a kitten. They receive first choice of kitten reservation. After those clients have chosen their kitten, any remaining kittens will be posted on this page and are reserved on a first come first serve basis according to the placement of a deposit.


Kittens are ready to explore their new homes no sooner than 12 weeks. Kittens will be current on vaccinations, and spayed/neutered prior to leaving for thier new home. Naked Treasures offers a 72-hour health guarantee. During that time it is your responsibility to take your new family member to the vet for an exam to verify good health. Naked Treasures also confidently provides a 1-year congenital health guarantee. 


Viruses can be brought into the cattery unknowingly on shoes and clothing. Kittens’ immune systems are more susceptible to illness. Waiting until the kittens have their 2nd vaccine is for the safety of the cattery, especially the kittens. After the kittens get their 2nd vaccinations, at approximately 9 weeks, Naked Treasures will open for visits (we will post available dates and times). This provides the opportunity for you  to meet us and of course your new baby. Please do not come to visit if you have been around any sick pets. 

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