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Experienced Breeders

Naked Treasures is a homebased cattery founded in 2013 through our love of the Sphynx breed, and the desire to share that love with you! We stumbled across the Sphynx breed when trying to find the perfect addition for our family and have never looked back. We are dedicated to helping you find the PURR-fect Sphynx for your family!


Happy, Healthy Bloodline

We are a TICA registered, HCM scanning cattery. Each kitten is raised as a part of our family with lots of love and attention until they are ready to join your family!



Tiigire (Tig-ear-e)

Topanga (Tah-pang-ah)

Topanga (Tah-pang-ah)

Tiigiri is a blue mackerel torbie with green eyes, born on January 11, 2017. She has just about every color you could imagine, which excites us for her litters! She is very energetic and loves playing tag with her mother (Karma – retired).


Topanga (Tah-pang-ah)

Topanga (Tah-pang-ah)

Topanga (Tah-pang-ah)

Topanga is solid blue with green eyes born October 16, 2018.  As the youngest member of our family, she is super spunky and has no fear! 



VooDoo's Shadow

VooDoo is solid black with gold eyes born on March 21, 2015. Every chance he gets, he will climb on our back and roll around. He loves being held like a baby and having his tummy rubbed.  He is slightly confused that he is a cat, as he will wag his tail and play fetch like a dog! 



"Hi Dianna, Phil, and family.

Just wanted to let you know that Mew is doing great in her new home! We love her so much and are so happy to have her. It is always fun watching her run around and play with our other cat! She's so energetic but when she gets sleepy she loves to cuddle and it is the absolute best. Both Cody and I wanted to thank you all for taking such good care of her as a baby. We are so very grateful to have been given such a healthy, beautiful. and fun kitty. Thank you! ~Veronica"


"Hi Dianna, Wanted to share how WONDERFUL Faith "Nudey" Bear is doing. She is absolutely beautiful and brings us all so much fun! She loves to play and "entertain" us but is also the best cuddle cat I know. I have to admit I am totally in love with the Sphynx breed and i'm so happy to have gotten one of your kittens! As you know I am planning on bringing another one of your babies home! It totally shows how much you care about your cats and the dedication you have to the Sphynx breed. I will confess that Faith rules the house and we wouldn't have it any other way. Her color, eyes and features could not be more perfect. Thank you so much for sharing all of your knowledge and making the experience of becoming a Sphynx owner such a rewarding one! ~ Elaine, Trevor, Terence & Trey (and Faith) Saugus, Massachusetts"

"The love Dianna has for her Sphynx Cats is true and speaks volume of her knowledge and dedication to this wonderful breed. I have two of Dianna's babies and can't express enough how lovable and entertaining they are! Naked Treasures is an amazing Cattery!!


"We bought Goose for Our 26 year old son because he needed a buddy after he moved to another state.  She is the light of his life!  Our son is a dispatcher for an airline in Vegas.  His girlfriend LOVES Goose too. She is the best pet and friend our son could ask for."

"Truly devoted breeder. Our vet was in shock over the attention to detail that Dianna put into all the paperwork and information. They'd never seen that before.  Our kitten is SO healthy and well adjusted. She's a beautiful representation of the breed and we are SO VERY in love with her!  Worth every penny we paid to adopt her.  Thank you Dianna....We will be back."